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Projet de vie, livre de Francis Lemaire



Vous êtes tous uniques (La vie de Brian)


Millau et son environment (TF1)


Questions à resoudre et autres par Paul Jorion


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What is the alternative course?

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Enlcosure in higher appeal


What’s the alternative course?


Integral (integrated) economy
Today, we are experiencing several crises at the same time, all of which are interrelated below the surface and all of which come down to one and the same synthesising question: How can we co-exist? While the theoretical answer to this question is fairly simple, it is much harder to put it into practice – it takes two to tango. ;-)

A. The foundations of society
A healthy and living foundation for society requires certain conditions that promote life and survival. The simpler these preconditions are, the clearer and thus more effective they will be. What needs do we all share? The need for drinking water, food, clothing, shelter, education and health care. The constitutional state is responsible for these conditions and maintaining the foundation of society while we, the people, are responsible for the practical concretisation of this foundation by working together. In political terms this means solidarity and the ability to share what we have and what we need.

B. The absolute necessity of integrated individualisation
Without integrated individualisation, the foundation of society is doomed. If you understand this interaction, you have the seeds of the pragmatic concretisation of a fairer society within your grasp. No political, social or commercial (market) party (whether majority or minority) can claim the exclusiveness of the foundation of society. That foundation is humanity as a whole and disallows any exclusivity on the part of any single individual. Once the preconditions for the foundation of society have been met, this will automatically create a breeding ground for integrated individualism, which is nothing other than the complete freedom to develop as an individual. This self-development should not, of course, be at the expense of the foundation of society. In political terms, this can be called integrated individualism, integrated liberalism. We can then put the synthesis of the foundation of society and integrated individualism into practice and call it integral economy.

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Requête devant le court des droits de l'homme (1)

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« Sommes-nous les rouages insignifiants d’une gigantesque machine dont l’objectif principal est de produire de l’argent, de croître et d’accumuler des bénéfices ? »


Prit de: « Entre fidèles angoissés »


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 « Tu m’as encore mis dans de beaux draps. »

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