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A jungle of profit

The documentary "A jungle of profit" is an innitiative of the dutch association the club of Rome by Tineke Lambooij en Bas Jurres.

Good intentions but unfortunately very little sense of reality.

Let me try to say why otherwise my own "good" or "bad" intentions show little sense of reality.

Some of the people interviewed in this pre-edit are (former dutch) politicians from wich I appreciate for exemple Ruud Lubbers, former prime-minister of the Netherlands. This doesn't mean that a fully agree with him! "The laws of profit" have there own dynamics and  if you leave your inner-judgments out of that, then you only will create a sort of sustainable-fascism. If profit as leading technocratic mechanism is left out of the discussion as a sort of untouchable dogme, politicians and ordinary businessmen well stay trapped in its bureaucratic (sustainble ;-) ) prison.

Profit seen from within the actual context is about how to dominate others, you can label it as "economic", "just", "sustainble" or whatever other good intention it will be one dominating the orther. So in the end it will not work, wich means we stay trapped in the jungle of bureacratic profit.

But is very nice to see that former enviromental minister Hans Alders is pin-pointing the problem/challenge very well when he expresses his experiences when he talks with "the business world" when the ask or even cry out:

What can we do, tell us what can we do   !!!!!   ???? 


Profit is today is a bureacratic translation, change "profit" in "living-priorities" and we may find new ways of economic-communication, much less paronoid and confusing as it is today.

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