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The machine against mankind


The machine stands for the translation of the real economy into a world of figures and numbers. Because we have given this translation a value in itself, it has over time become more important than the real economy.

The economy is split up into a real economy and an arithmetic variety, a functional accounting system as a mirror image of the real economy. This accounting system gives an insight into and a grip on what is going on in the real economy. If you look at accounting from this angle, it seems to me to be a very useful and indispensable tool. But what if we give this accounting system a value in itself? Then that is exactly the moment at which it is separated from the real economy. This is easy to overcome by having the bookkeeper share and participate in the real economy so that the accounting system remains part of the actual economy and does not separate itself from it.

What is happening today!? A company makes a product or delivers a service, sells it and then checks the accounts to see if it’s made a profit or a loss. If a profit has been made, it’s normal to pay tax on this. The initial idea behind this will hopefully need no explaining, and in terms of its intention, I can well understand it. But to understand this petition it is essential to realise what it is we are actually doing here and that this ultimately goes against the original intention.


The whole english version of The Machine against mankind is to be found here


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